Announcements: FREE Shipping and more!

October 4, 2009

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering FREE ground shipping for all orders within the continental United States! No more minimums to qualify!

Our next big update – we have added the option to custom order stripper shoes by deciding whether you want them with an ankle strap, or not! No charge!! See our site for details on ordering customized stripper shoes. Happy shopping!

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More new stuff: Karo Shoes and Boots!

August 21, 2009

We’ve just added the entire lines of sexy high heel shoes and boots from Karo Shoes, including their awesome exotic Vicaro line of high end shoes and ankle boots.

Karo Shoes is based in the USA and makes every single item in their California-based factory. We know how many people prefer to buy items that are Made in the USA, so we are proud to offer this line of sexy footwear at the lowest prices to be found!

But this isn’t the only reason we love Karo brand for stripper shoes and boots. They create some of the most stylish sexy footwear available, at great quality. We, the owners of, are also strippers and we love to wear Karo Shoes!

With sexy footwear items available in sizes 4-17, we are sure there is something to please everyone. To find Karo Shoes in your size on our site, simply go to, type “Karo Shoes size (your size)” in the search box and hit GO. Or browse through our site – it’s conveniently organized by size and type so you can easily see everything available in your own size.

Stay tuned for the next update – a special surprise is coming!

LUCIOUS stripper shoes!

August 13, 2009

We would like to introduce the addition of LUCIOUS stripper shoes and stripper boots to our store. This is a popular line made by Pleaser USA and very reasonably priced. Featuring platform wedges, platform heels from 4 to 8 inches, and platform boots.

We have our shoes and boots organized by size, so the easiest way to find LUCIOUS footwear in your size is to go to our stripper wear store, enter “lucious size (your size)” into the search bar and hit GO. Easy!

As always, we have the best prices on the net for stripper clothes and shoes, but we also have a few coupons posted in a few places online. Find them and score even bigger discounts over other store prices!!

Happy shopping!

How to attach a padlock key to a ponytail holder

August 5, 2009

As a stripper you have probably experienced the frustration of losing the key to your locker or suitcase at work or elsewhere, and had to find someone to help you cut the lock. That leaves your belongings unsecured, and wastes time you could be using out on the strip club floor to make money.

If you have have trouble remembering lock combinations, a key lock is your next best option. Keep your key safe along with your cash using this simple but effective technique!

How to strap cash onto a stripper garter

August 4, 2009

Many strippers have trouble with losing cash at work. Money carried around can get lost or stolen easily if not properly secured. The best way to keep your cash safe at work is secured to your body!

We hope this helps!

The Stripper Bag

August 1, 2009

tripMany newbie strippers wonder what items are need to get started working as a professional exotic dancer. We have a list of clothes and supplies that will get you through your first few shifts at any club.

Appropriate stripper clothes:

If you aren’t sure what outfits are required or appropriate for your intended club, it will pay to be prepared for anything. Get one or two mix and match stripper bikinis with matching thongs – these are the most common basic stripper outfits used in clubs today. You can find mix and match separates in plenty of hot colors in our store:

It is also a good idea to have one mini dress and one stripper gown on hand, in case the club requires this type of outfit, or you feel like wearing that instead of the standard bikini. We have a variety of dresses and gowns available in our online stripper clothes store at great prices. Some good basic and inexpensive options:

Mini dresses: or

Gowns: or

Regarding thongs, we recommend getting thongs instead of g-strings to start with. Many topless clubs have width requirements for thongs, so g-strings won’t be allowed in those clubs. The difference between a thong and a g-string is a thong is wider in back and a g-string only has a tiny string in back.

Stripper Shoes:

Get one pair of clear platform stripper shoes with an ankle strap to start out with. The clear shoes will go with any outfit, and the ankle strap will provide more stability for new dancers. We recommend shoes with a chunky heel if you aren’t used to wearing tall heels.

The JEZEBEL-608 or SUGAR-531 would make a good starter shoe choice. You can search our site for those shoes in your size to find exactly what you need. Stripper shoes

Toiletries and supplies:

  • Deodorant
  • Body spray – we highly recommend the Victoria’s Secret line of body sprays for best variety and longest-lasting scents.
  • Baby wipes – we recommend the unscented kind. These are much better for your girly parts than feminine wipes.
  • Gum or breath mints
  • An extra thong or two – we recommend at least one black thong because you can wear that with anything.
  • Stripper garter – many clubs require garters for collecting your tips. Also great for strapping your money to your leg with a rubberband or ponytail holder so your money won’t get lost! One black garter is perfect to start with.
  • Plain ponytail holders – to strap your cash to your garter.
  • Band-aids – strippers do get minor cuts and scrapes occasionally, and they should always be covered at work.
  • Lock for locker or for your suitcase. Choose a combination lock if you’re good at remembering numbers. A key lock will work also, and you can loop your ponytail holder through the key to keep it attached to your garter and money. (Video tutorial on this and how to strap money to a garter coming soon!)

Last bit of advice – if you’re unsure whether the club has lockers (many don’t), you can bring your things in a small carryon suitcase and lock it with a suitcase lock. It is important to keep your things locked up in the dressing room because you just never know.

We hope this helps! Look forward to our upcoming video tutorials!

Stripper platform shoes

July 25, 2009

Today we’d like to discuss platform shoes for strippers. We have advice on choosing, buying, repairing and wearing the best stripper shoes for you.

Heel height:

Most strippers prefer their heels at least 5 inches high, but can go all the way up to 9 inches! We advise newbies to stick to 5 or 6 inch heels, but experienced ladies can experiment with higher heels if you like. One thing to be careful of – if you do a lot of floor work on stage it can be awkward getting back up if you’re wearing shoes taller than 7 inches, because the higher platform can be harder to roll upright from a kneeling or sitting position.


When shopping for platform shoes, look for a rise of no more than 4 inches. This means the difference between the height of the platform and the height of the heel should be no more than 4 inches. Example: If the heel is 6.5 inches, the platform should be 2.5 inches. This is more comfortable to wear while still providing that sexy high-heel posture strippers love.

Ankle straps:

We advise all newer and amateur exotic dancers to use shoes with ankle straps. These provide more stability and will prevent your shoes from flying off while doing tricks on stage!

More experienced strippers can experiment with strapless mules, but be aware, if you do a lot of heavy pole-work your shoes can fly off! That can be very dangerous for everyone.


Always look for rubber-soled footwear. Plastic soles are slippery and dangerous on slippery stage surfaces. Rubber will provide more traction on the stage floor. All of the brands we carry in our store use rubber soles :-)

Occasionally, the soles may come loose from the bottom of your shoes or boots. We have seen this with every brand of stripper shoes and boots, so it is not a “cheap brand” issue. Super-glue them back and they will last as long as you can wear them.

Chunky vs spike heels:

If you feel uncomfortable in spike heels, try some chunky heels. Once you are more at-ease in your heels, you can graduate to the spikes.

One way to get used to your stripper heels is to wear them around the house while doing chores, especially vacuuming. This will help you get used to maneuvering in tall heels without thinking about it. Before you know it, you’ll be parading around like a pro!


Clear plastic uppers are most forgiving – they will stretch as they warm up to fit your feet more comfortably than vinyl uppers. They can also be modified for better fit if necessary.

  • Use a blow-dryer to heat up the uppers before putting on your shoes. This will help them stretch more.
  • If your uppers cut into the tops of your feet too much, you can use sharp scissors to cut away a small portion to relieve the pressure without compromising the stability of the shoes. One of our partners has personally done this for years so we know it works :-)

Leather uppers are usually more comfortable than vinyl. We do carry some stripper shoes with leather uppers.

Vinyl uppers are the most stiff, least forgiving, but are available in a wide variety of colors.



We hope you find this useful. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you like!

Dont’ forget to visit our stripper store for the best deals online!

Getting attention in a club full of strippers

July 22, 2009

This week’s post is all about ways to make yourself stand out in a sea of sexy strippers. There are several simple ways you can do this.

All about stripper shoes. Use light-up stripper shoes or neon glow platform shoes to draw attention to you. In a dark club, anything that blinks or glows will work. Flashy shoes are a great way to make yourself stand out when the rest of the girls are wearing neon clothes ;-) We offer a variety of blinky light and neon glow (uv reactive) shoes in our store!

Wear different types of outfits. When you’re the only girl in the club wearing a sexy gown, it makes people want to know what’s up with you! You can easily turn that attention into a sale. Or try wearing some sexy costumes instead of the same type of outfits everyone else wears in your club. Theme costumes can be a fun way to get the customers looking your way.

Try some sexy lingerie. Many men love a woman in sexy lingerie! Pair a sexy teddy with some thigh highs for a super sexy look. When most girls at your club are wearing lycra, lingerie can make a big difference in your dance sales.

More ideas. Try a super sparkly outfit like this sexy skirt set or a fun print like on this stripper bikini set.

We hope we’ve inspired some fresh ideas for your stripper closet! Happy stripping!

Putting together a well-coordinated outfit

July 14, 2009

For our first post, we’d like to discuss ways to put together a well-coordinated outfit, without breaking the bank!

One of the simplest ways to mix and match separates is to stick to items from the same brand. The BodyZone Convertibles line offers many options in a multitude of hot colors. Put together a sexy 2- or 3-piece outfit in your own style and favorite color. Choose from a variety of shorts, skirts, tops, thongs or g-strings, dresses or gowns, all sold separately. All Convertibles items come in consistent colors so your baby blues, hot pinks, reds and neon greens will always match!

Another fun way to create your own stripper style is by dressing up your stripper clothes with some of your own accessories. Add your favorite funky socks to your schoolgirl outfit, or dress up a sporty outfit with sports socks. Add a pretty hair clip or some jewelry. One thing to look for in jewelry is pieces that won’t be too bulky or get in the way when performing.

Sometimes it’s fun to mix stripper gear with ‘civilian’ clothing items to create a unique and sexy look. Use a sexy button-down top and black mini-skirt with a stripper thong and stripper shoes to create a hot secretary or teacher look your clients will love!

The most important thing to remember when putting your outfits together is to make sure everything coordinates. Pick colors and fabrics that match or look good together. Use accessories that complement your outfit.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more!